Our nasogastric feeding tubes for infant and neonat


Hoist Medical offers STARFIT™ pediatric nasogastric tubesfor infants and newborns with ENFit®connector.

Infant & Neonat Nasogastric Feeding Tubes With ENFit Connector
  • Extensive size range offering from 4 Fr 50 cm to 10 Fr 120 cm
  • The thinner walls of polyurethane material offer a larger inner diameter per French size to increase flow
  • Rounded tip for atraumatic insertion, maximizing patient comfort during insertion
  • Printed cm marking to facilitate insertion and to provide visual feedback to clinician for potential tube migration
  • Closed distal tip with side exit ports reducing risk of adherence to mucosal of the stomach.
  • Clear tubing with a radiopaque strip (40% barium sulfate) along the entire length of the tube allows for visual inspection of the internal lumen


  Approximate nasogastric tube priming volumes



50 cm

80 cm

120 cm

NG04-XX Cm

4 Fr

0.5 mL

0.8 mL

1.1 mL

NG05-XX Cm

5 Fr

0.6 mL

1.0 mL

1.4 mL

NG06-XX Cm

6 Fr

0.7 mL

1.1 mL

1.6 mL

NG08-XX Cm

8 Fr

0.9 mL

1.4 mL

2.1 mL

NG10-XX Cm

10 Fr

1.7 mL

2.8 mL

4.2 mL


Notified bodyDQS
Market introductionPending
ManufacturerHoist Medical

Safety and usage

  • Use - up to 30 days
  • Single use - Sterile
  • DEHP, Bisphenol A and latex free
  • Storage in a clean and dry temperature room


MaterialPolyurethane, ABS
PackagingSingle blister packaging
Closed distal tip

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